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Football 7 is one of the most practiced sports modalities in the world, bringing together millions of practitioners of all ages. It has been disputed since the 60's, mainly in Latin America. Each team brings together seven players. The game is practiced in a field with 50m x 30m being accomplished in two times of 25 minutes.

There are numerous competitions of Football 7 at international level, disputed in diverse categories and organized by promoters in all the continents.

In 2011 Football 7 World was born with the purpose of organizing the development of the modality worldwide, bringing together sports leagues from all over the world. In the same year the first edition of the world championship was held in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Sports organizations of a municipal, state or national character from different countries became part of the Football 7 family, increasing the number of internationals participating in international competitions.

THE SPORT Sport and history


RULES and recommendations

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