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Fabian Canaveris takes over the presidency of Football 7 Americas


Football 7 Americas is the new sports organization associated with FIF7 and will be run by the Uruguayan Fabian Canaveris, former president of the International Football Federation 7. Until the end of 2021 he will be in charge of F7A who will develop a project to strengthen the modality in the three continents, South America, Central America and North America.

Canaveris visited the countries of South America before the pandemic and was unable to travel to other continents due to the closing of borders. During this period, the work continued to be carried out with a strategic planning view for football 7 in the Americas.

Football 7 Americas will be responsible for implementing national leagues in 10 countries and 20 cities in the Americas and aims to connect all leagues, teams and athletes in the official international competitions on the FIF7 calendar.

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