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International School Football 7 Federation is FIF7's new Project


The International Football Federation 7 launched its new project: the International School Football 7 Federation which aims to develop the sport in the academic and scientific field, contributing to the training and education of professionals for the segment.

The International School will bring together professionals from different sports segments, such as sports training, physical preparation, refereeing, medicine, sports management and marketing in order to generate specific knowledge to be applied in football 7. The institution will invest in the creation of books, in addition to taking international courses and having school franchises in several countries around the world.

Recently the International Football Federation 7 hired referees with experience in the main professional football competitions in the world to update the sport rules book and decided to anticipate the launch of the international school of the sport.

The official launch will be on May 10, with the launch of the first courses of the modality in several countries.

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