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Executive board announced calendar changes and World Cups will be held in 2021


FIF7's executive board announced the change in the international football 7 calendar 2020. The global shutdown due to Covid-19 caused the biggest sporting events of international organizations to be canceled or postponed. FIF7 has postponed the holding of the Copa America, which was scheduled for next weekend in Brazil. Other major postponed events were the Continental Football League (CFL) to be held in May in Moscow (Russia) and the Marco Aurelio Cup to be held in June in Rome (Italy).

“We decided to wait a month to better understand how the stoppages would affect the sports industry and we chose to speak with international leaders to reach a decision on what changes would be necessary. Unfortunately, we are going to transfer to 2021 a good part of the events scheduled for this year and we chose to take advantage of the recess period to advance in the discussion about the changes to the rules of football 7 and the international training project for referees of the sport ”said Fabian Canaveris, president of the entity.

Check out the 2020-2021 international calendar after the changes:


October - Copa America Master - Lima (Peru)

27,28, 29th November - Copa Centroamerica de Clubes (Cancún - Mexico)

December 04, 05 and 06th - Americas Football League 7 - Clubs (Porto Alegre - Brazil)

December 07, 08, 09th - Copa America de Futebol 7 - National Teams (Porto Alegre - Brazil)


Nations Cup - National Teams

Marco Aurelio Cup - Clubs (Rome - Italy)

Continental Football League - Clubs (Moscow - Russia)

Copa Sulamericana de Futebol 7 - Clubs (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

Americas Football League 7 - Clubs (City to be defined)

World Club Championship (Moscow - Russia)

FIF7 World Cup (Moscow - Russia)

European Club Championship (Barcelona - Spain)

Intercontinental Cup - National Teams

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