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In an exciting match, Brazil wins Mexico upset and wins the Intercontinental Cup for the second time

Sofi Nieto

It was played this Sunday (16), at Ronaldo Academy in Orlando (USA), the last round of the Intercontinental Cup. Brazil and Mexico had the best match of the competition, with a lot of balance and emotion until the final minute. The Brazilian team won the victory by 5 to 4 and won the trophy of the international tournament for the second time.

The match between Brazil and Mexico was worth the title of the Intercontinental Cup, as the two teams reached the last round with six points each. In the field, both teams tried to stay with the ball, attacking the opponent Mexico finished the first half ahead of 2-1, goals from Ramírez and Hugo for the Mexicans, Camillo for the Brazilian team.

In the second half, the two teams sought more attack. The Mexican team opened a 3-1 lead, again with Ramírez. Losing the game, Brazil began to press the ball out of the opponent, in addition to dominating possession. Bruninho, Camillo and Luisinho turned the game around for the Brazilian team. In the final minutes, the Mexicans sought the equalizer, which came at Ramírez's feet, scoring the hat-trick. However, right on the ball, Beletti went to the area and hit a beautiful header, giving Brazil an advantage. In the last game of the match, Mexico also had a Shoot-Out, defended by goalkeeper Rodrigo, giving the second title of the competition to the Brazilians.

In the another game of the round, Colombia and United States decided third place in the Intercontinental Cup. Best for the Colombian team, winning by 4-2 and won the tournament bronze medal.

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