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Brazil and Mexico win and decide the title of the Intercontinental Cup this Sunday (16)

Sofi Nieto

The second round of the Intercontinental Cup took place this Saturday (15th), at Ronaldo Academy, in Orlando (USA). Brazil and Mexico beat the United States and Colombia, respectively, and isolated themselves in the leadership of the competition. The two teams will face each other next Sunday (16), to define the champion of the tournament.

Brazil and the United States entered the court with different goals. The Americans were looking for rehab in the competition after losing on their Mexico debut, while the Brazilians wanted to stay in the lead. Better for Brazil, which dominated the clash and won 8 to 1. In the other clash of the round, Mexico and Colombia had a balanced first half, but in the second half the quality of the current runners-up in the world stood out. 7 to 2 for Mexicans, who tie with Brazil in number of points.

The last round will be on Sunday (16). At 10am local time, the United States and Colombia decide the third place in the Intercontinental Cup. An hour later, at 11 am local time, Brazil and Mexico face off in deciding the title of the competition. Both games will be at Ronaldo Academy in Orlando (USA).

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