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Brazil and Mexico win in the first round of the Intercontinental Cup

Sofi Nieto

This Friday (14), the Intercontinental Cup started at Ronaldo Academy in Orlando (USA). The competition is one of the most important on the FIF7's calendar and has four teams, that play against each other. In the first round, Brazil achieved a good win against Colombia, while in the North American confrontation, Mexico defeated the hosts.

Brazil and Colombia opened the Intercontinental Cup, remembering the final of the last Copa America. The Brazilian team dominated the match and won the match 7-0, with goals from Andreas (2), Marcelo, Bruninho (2) and Luisinho (2). Close the round, Mexico and the United States had a balanced duel in the first half. But in the final half, the Mexicans took advantage of a better coordination and won by 9 to 2.

The nationals teams return to the field next Saturday (15). The United States is trying to recover against the Brazilian team at 2 pm local time, while Mexico faces Colombia at 3 pm local time. Both matches take place at the Ronaldo Academy in Orlando (USA).

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