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Fabian Canaveris was in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador introducing a development project for football 7

SuperLiga 7 Peru

FIF7’s president Fabian Canaveris was in Bogotá, Quito and this week to present a development project for football 7 in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. This includes the creation of the Colombian National League, in addition to the schedule of international competitions for the 2020 season also in Ecuador and Peru.

The events were attended by guests from different regions of the countries, players, professionals in the area and the directors of competitions and national teams. At the press conference, Fabian Canaveris, who ends his term in March, commented on the international plan presented in three countries. “This plan aims to facilitate a unique experience of participation in international events for players, commissions and fans. In an even more professional structure, which only we offer. It is a revolution for football 7 worldwide” he said.

Fabian will still go to other South American countries to present the project. FIF7 is the top entity in football 7 worldwide and has 49 affiliated countries.


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