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Porto Alegre will host Copa America this March

Guilherme Becker

Copa América for football 7 bribgs together the largest football 7 teams on the continent and will be played in Brazil in 2020. The competition that was scheduled for São Paulo, capital, was transferred to Porto Alegre (RS) and kept the same dates. The decision made by FIF7 was to comply with a request from the Brazilian Association of Football 7 Clubs and from Football 7 Brazil, due to the fact that the capital of Rio Grande do Sul has the best indoor arena in the country, meeting the technical conditions to transmit the games live through television.

The event will take place between March 27th and 29th and great forces of international football 7 will meet on the field as well as the biggest stars in the sport. Brazil is the current champion in both categories. The competition will pay R$12,000.00 (twelve thousand reais) in prizes to the champions.

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