Brazil defeats Chile by the International Challenge

Karyna Prado

The 2020 season started for Brazil and Chile with the International Challenge, this Saturday (01), in Vitória (BR). The match between the two best South American teams from the last World Cup featured several new players, as the teams are undergoing a renewal process. The result was favorable for Brazil, who imposed its strength and won the confrontation 6-0.

The Brazilian team started the game by offering pressure on the opponent, reaching the attack field for long periods of time. Chile closed some spaces, but Brazil had a good strategy to reach the goal. At halftime, the game was 3-0 for the home team, with two goals from Rafinha and one from Andreas. In the second stage, the Brazilians maintained their dominance and expanded the score with goals from Neguinho, Mike and Luizinho, ending the confrontation.

The teams will face each other again on Sunday (02), at 3 pm, at Tancredão, in Vitória. For Brazil to win the International Challenge, only a draw is needed. If there is a Chilean victory, the decision will be made by Shoot-Outs.


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