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Fabian Canaveris wishes best of luck to FIF7's new president

Photo: Karyna Prado

Uruguayan Fabian Canaveris bids farewell to the presidency of the Federatio Internationale Football 7 after three years as its leader. The new president will be Rodrigo Mendes, from Brazil. Under Canaveris' command, FIF7 achieved a significant growth and held major events during this period. With the departure of the presidency, the Uruguayan will continue at FIF7, now with the position of director of South America.

The new president takes office on February 20th at an event in Orlando, Florida (USA). Check out Fabian Canaveris's message of thanks and support:

“This period being in charge of FIF7 was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I believe that all of us who are on this director’s board have been able to fulfill our mission. We grew from 06 to 45 countries in less than three years and held 22 international sporting events in the period. Rodrigo is very passionate about the sport, a well-respected person in the area and will be able to continue with this legacy. He will have all the support and help of a very valuable team that is currently leading this wonderful project. He has all of our support. I wish him well and hope he enjoys this period which will certainly mark his personal and professional life in a very positive way” said Canaveris.

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