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Brazilian Maria Naruska wins Loco Martínez Award as the most beautiful goal of the 2019 season

Karyna Prado

FIF7 announced on Friday (20) the great winner of the Loco Martínez prize in the 2019 season. For the second time, a Brazilian won the trophy. Maria Naruska won the dispute and had her goal with the Brazilian national team shirt, in the international challenge, chosen as the most beautiful of the year.

The Loco Martínez Prize was created in honor of Uruguayan Loco Martínez, a former professional football player and great football 7 player. The trophy is for the most beautiful goal of a season. For the second time since the award was created, a Brazilian woman got the title. After Marina Hoher, it is now Maria Naruska's turn. The athlete scored a great goal against Argentina in the international challenge of the Brazilian National Team U21.

Check out the play:

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