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In Brazil, LIGA FUT7 2020 will feature 64 men's and 32 women's teams

Futebol 7 Brasil

The year 2019 was a success for Brazilian football 7. Futebol 7 Brasil toured the country with high level competitions and promoted an amazing exchange for several teams, taking them to compete in tournaments outside their regions and outside the country. These developments have made the 2020 calendar even longer and made the Fut7 League disputes even more important, increasing the number of teams and the number of host cities.

Next season, the LIGA FUT7 will be played between April and December and it will be the largest and most important competition of Brazilian football 7. In total, there will be 64 teams in the male category and 32 in the female category. In addition to that, the national competition will have at least 32 games broadcasted nationwide.

Only clubs that compete in state and local competitions throughout the season will be able to participate in the Fut7 League. Check out the schedule of stages for the Fut7 2020 league:

1st Qualifying Round: April 9-12 (Porto Alegre-RS)

2nd Qualifying Round: April 18-21 (Palhoça-SC)

3rd Qualifying Round: May 1-3 (Minas Gerais)

4th Qualifying Round: June 11-14 (Maceió-AL)

5th Qualifying Round: August 1-2 (Goiânia-GO)

2nd Stage - October 31st to November 2nd (São Paulo-SP)

SuperFinals - December 19th and 20th (City to be defined)

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