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RUSSIA wins the competition and will host the Football 7 World Cup

Russia will host the Football 7 World Cup and the Football 7 World Cup for Clubs. The biggest competitions in the sport will be held in Moscow, the capital of the country. The events will be organized by the International Football 7 Federation (FIF7) and will have the Russian Federation on the organizing committee.

The cities of Barcelona (Spain), Dubai (UAE), Lisbon (Portugal) and Mexico City (Mexico) were also competing. The proposal made by the Russian Federation was the winner. The hosts are responsible for organizing the CFL (Continental Football League), one of the biggest international events on FIF7’s calendar.

“Over the last few years the Russian Federation has done a great job and demonstrated great ability to organize international events. We are very pleased with the World Cup project and we believe that after the collaboration agreement with EMF and the choice of Russia to host the events, we will have a huge improvement on both competitions” stated Hugo Loureiro, FIF7’s CEO.

The World Club Championship will be played from August 08th until the 11th and the World Cup will be played from August 12th until the 16th.

Check out below the images of the sports city that will be set up to host the event.

football 7 federation
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