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With disputes in 7 different categories, Copa Sudamericana will be held at Estadio Bicentenario, in


One of the main club competitions for 7 a side football in South America, the 2019 edition for Copa Sudamericana will be disputed in Santiago, Chile. The amazing Estadio Bicentenario, from Audax Italiano, will host the games from December 13th till the 15th. The competition will have 7 categories and the champions will win their registration for Liga America 2020.

For the first time ever, Chile will host a FIF7 competition and the structure that is being prepared for Copa Sudamericana is incredible. The Estádio Bicentenário, home for Audax Italiano in Libertadores da América and Copa Sul-americana for professional football, will host 7 a side football this time. Four different fields will be setup for the tournament, along with another 3 auxiliary fields.

The event will include disputes in 7 categories. Men and women, childrens (under 9, 11, 13 and 15), and masters as well. The tournament is scheduled for December 13 to 15th and teams from all of South America can participate.

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