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Titan (RUS) wins the 2019 World Club Championship

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Titan (RUS) is the new world club champion for football 7. The Russian team won the biggest club title of the sport, after beating America (BRA) in the grand final. It is the first time a team from Russia wins the title, after being dominated by South American teams in past seasons.

In the group stage, Titan proved to be a strong contender for the 2019 World Cup title. After beating teams from Argentina and Italy, the Russian team finished first in the D group. The team played and won against Hostal Crisol from Spain and, in quarter finals, against Fijalán from Ecuador.

In the top four of the tournament, Titan did not miss the chance to get to the final decision and won one of the main teams of this season, Paris FC (CHI). In the grand final, the opponent was América (RJ), current champion of the main championship of Brazil. In an exciting match, the Russian team won 5-4 and won the unprecedented title for them for the competition.

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