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The women's Brazilian National Team is twice champion of the Football 7 World Cup

Tiago Palma

Brazil is two-times World Cup Champion in the women's category. After winning Copa America earlier this year, the girls from Brazil went to Italy to defend the World Cup title. In a journey of constant improvement, the Brazilian team overcame Russia in the big decision and won the two-time championship for the tournament.

Current champion and favorite for the 2019 title, the Brazilian team had a slightly different start to the competition. In two games, the team had a draw against Mexico and a defeat against Russia. However, this stumbling start did not discourage the girls, who won against England in the second round and against Italy in the semifinals.

In the big decision, Russia would once again be the opponent. In an exciting game, the normal time ended in a draw at 0x0. In the shoot-outs, the star Brazilian goalkeeper Monique Somose, shone and held down the opponent and helped the team to win the two-time World Cup.

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