Killas Futbol Club is Peru in the League of the Americas in Montevideo

The team Killas FC (Peru) will represent the country in the League of the Americas women's category, the biggest competition of the continent. The team is one the best organized of the country and will participate, for the first time, in an official competition from the Federation Internationale de Futbol 7.

The team has been training hard to represent in Montevideo (Uruguay) and that will be a great achievement for the country's womens' football 7, which has great talents and has already been Champion of the Copa America or national teams in 2018.

"It will be a dream come true for many girls. Football is a great passion for all of them and to participate in an international event is a great achievement. The most important thing will be the experience itself of representing our country in an event of this importance" Antonella Caceres said.


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