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Best in the world in football 7 Marina Hoher focuses on preparing for major challenges

Foto: Karyna Prado

Current best football 7 player in the world, Marina Hoher is one of the top athletes of the modality in Brazil. One of the main players of the Brazilian national team and one of the pillars of the team Figueirense / Paula Ramos, the player started the 2019 season exactly as the last one ended, winning titles. Brazil was the Copa América’s champion, which was held in Porto Alegre in April.

In addition to the state disputes with Figueirense, Marina also divides her focus with preparing for major national and international challenges that are coming. "I started the year with my goals clearly set, training and preparing for them since January. Specially because preparation does not come from a week or two, it needs a lot of work, dedication and discipline", said the athlete.

The importance given to preparing for competitions shows why she is the current best player in the world. "I train basically every day, some with balls, other with functional training, I attend physical therapy to prevent injuries and I have a nutritionist guiding me to improve my performance in my daily activities", she said.

Next week Marina will have a great challenge ahead, again in Porto Alegre. However, this time the dispute will be for clubs and at a national level. Florianópolis’ team is confirmed in the South stage of Brazil’s Fut7 League.

In addition, the second half of the year holds the World Club Championship, where the team of Florianópolis is two-time champion and the World Cup, which is currently from Brazil. "I started the year dreaming and wanting a lot, with focus, to be champion in all the competitions I participate in. This will be my first objective and every competition will be an obstacle ", the athlete concluded.

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