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Elizaveta Kuzenkova is the new executive director for the Federation Internationale

The Federation Internationale de Football 7 has 13 sports events scheduled on its international calendar this year, reaching a record number of countries, teams and athletes in activity. FIF7's objective is to bring the events closer to its participants and to broaden the exchange between continents, providing more opportunities for countries to connect through the sport.

FIF7 presented, this Wednesday, its new executive director. Elizaveta Kuzenkova, born in Russia, will have the mission to be the leader of new development projects for the modality, including the two main events on the international calendar: the FIF7 World Cup and the Football 7 World Club Championship, which will be held in Rome, Italy from the 21st till the 28th of September.

"Elizaveta has the knowledge, experience and capacity to be the leader of the growth of our project in Europe. She has perfectly understood FIF7's mission and will certainly be fundamental for us to take the sport to a higher level" stated Fabian Canaveris, FIF7's president.

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