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Football 7 Awards. Guatemala receives National League award of the year in world football 7

The Football 7 Awards is the official award from the International Football 7 Federation to the top individual highlights of the season. The organization annually awards the award as a way to recognize the talent and brilliant performance of athletes, clubs and leagues in the international football 7 season. The award is delivered in 12 categories.

The Football 7 League Guatemala was elected to the National League of the year in the international football 7. The league has fully complied with the international development plan proposed by the FIF7 for the 2018 season, being present in club competitions and selections in two different continents, as well as successfully hosting the Guatemala International Cup held in the second half of 2018. At the national development was extraordinary, with the main and access divisions bringing together the largest clubs in the country.

"The work carried out by the Guatemalan League was incredible and the League's management managed to football 7 organize level of excellence, offering clubs and athletes from all over the country a safe timetable for the development of the sport. celebrate this achievement with the local community, "said Fabian Canaveris, president of FIF7.

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