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Football 7 Awards. Brazilian Marco Antonio Batata is the best coach in the world in 2018

The Football 7 Awards is the official award from the International Football 7 Federation to the top individual highlights of the season. The organization annually awards the award as a way to recognize the talent and brilliant performance of athletes, clubs and leagues in the international football 7 season. The award is delivered in 12 categories.


The coach of the Brazilian Football 7 Team, Marco Antônio Batata, is the best soccer coach in the world in 2018. The captain of the Brazilian team took office in December 2017 and so far have been 17 games against the national team, four titles and invincibility. The Brazilian coach is a revolutionary of the sport and his way of understanding the game was fundamental to returning Brazil to the top of the world. In the most important individual award of the sport he surpassed in the Football 7 Awards the coach of Argentina, Cesar Gonzalez and the legend Miguel Angel Ortigoza, greater prize-winner in the history of the football 7 world, with three consecutive better world titles.

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