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Football 7 Awards. Best coach (Men) in the world in 2018

The Football 7 Awards is the main prize of the international football 7 and recognizes the best in the world in the season that was played with nine international competitions in 2018. The award has been offered since 2011 and has the biggest names in the sport. The vote will be held until December 31 with the participation of 30 personalities chosen in the middle of the sport and the announcement will be on January 3. The voting deadline has been extended by the International Football 7 Federation for further dissemination. There are 08 prizes with 03 nominees and the Trophy "Loco Martinez" dedicated to the most beautiful goal of the international season in 2018.


Cesar Gonzales (Argentina) The coach of the Argentina National Team was elected the best of the 2017 Americas League and in 2017 had the difficult task of taking on a renewed Argentina team. In the two years of work was fundamental to take Argentine football 7 to a new level. In the Soccer World Cup 7 showed the evolution of the tactical part of the Argentine football 7.

Marco Antonio Batata (Brazil) The coach assumed the Brazilian National Team at the end of 2017 and was champion of all 04 competitions that participated, leading Brazil to an unbeaten record of 17 games in 12 months.

Miguel Angel Tequila Ortigoza (Mexico) The Mexican coach is the most awarded in the history of football 7 receiving three times the prize of best of the year in the 7 international soccer. This year he took Mexico to the runner-up of the World Cup and to third place in the Copa America.

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