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Colombia shines in the Cup and gives a life lesson to all

The Women's Soccer World Cup 7 was played for the first time and many were the sacrifices made by the participating teams, since the 7 female football lacks much support in all countries. The Colombian National Team provided a true example of love for sport and the country by living a story that certainly marked the lives of each of the participating athletes.

The team is formed by athletes from the city of Bogota, who met twice a week to go to Brazil to compete in the World Cup. The team bought all of their training uniforms, paid training expenses and ran a campaign selling raffles and asking family members to travel to Brazil.

After collecting part of the air transportation expenses, the team bought the air tickets at an agency that did not deliver the tickets, generating on the eve of the trip expenses of more than $ 10,000. Desperate, they found themselves out of Club World contention, but kept the fight and dream intact for a further 3 days, battling until they were able to raise with their families and a generous one of the mother of one of the members the value needed to fly to the Brazil.

The money was enough for a flight to Rio de Janeiro. Upon arriving in Rio, they moved from the distant Galeão airport to the bus station to buy bus tickets to São Paulo. Arriving in the capital of São Paulo, there was another 4 hours of waiting on the ground at the bus station until they boarded another bus to Curitiba.

Before leaving for Curitiba sent a message to the organization of the event stating that they would be without internet and that they would arrive at 4am in the bus station without having to sleep for the first night, since this was not included in the schedule of the event. Without contact with the athletes a representative of the organization went to an Ibis Hotel, near the bus station at 2:30 am to rent rooms for the Colombians to rest. At 4 AM they arrived, rested. At noon they moved to one of the hotels where the foreign teams were staying and with very few resources even for their own food and personal expenses the Colombians began the walk in the World Cup.

The field performance was brilliant, with a win over Spain, Mexico and Argentina. In the decision against Brazil the team showed a brilliant and impressive football. The athletes played the decision of the World Cup after passing days of anguish, uncertainties, suffering and much struggle to be in the most important event of the modality. The decision ended tied at 1x1. In the shoout-outs Brazil won and deservedly won the title, but the history of the Colombia team at this event showed what it is to overcome difficulties, love the shirt and the true spirit of who is champion in sports and life.

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