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SEASON 2019. Ten international competitions in seven countries

The 2019 season of the international football 7 will be held with 10 official competitions in the calendar of the Federation International Football 7 (FIF7). The events will be held in seven different countries and will move more than 200 teams between the months of April and December. There will be 03 competitions held in Europe, 01 in Central America, 01 in North America and 05 in South America.

The season begins with the Copa America that will be played between men's and women's teams in the city of Porto Alegre (Brazil). The 02 world championships, clubs and national teams will be held in Rome (Italy). In 2019, Italy, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile will receive for the first time an official FIF7 international competition.

The Copa Centroamérica that in 2018 was held in Mexico, this year will be held in Guatemala City in June.

Check out the 2019 international calendar:

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