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Rome (Italy) will host the Football 7 World Cup in 2019

The city of Rome (Italy) will host the two major championships of the 2019 season of the Federation Internationale de Football 7 (FIF7). The Italian city won the competition with Barcelona (Spain) to host the two major football 7 events in the world.

The competitions will be held between September 21 and 28 with the participation of teams from 24 countries in the adult male and female categories. There will be 08 days of games and more than 1000 participants in the World Club Championship and the FIF7 World Cup. The FIF7 will set up a large Arena in Rome for the event, very similar to the first edition of Mundialito Football 7 held in 2011 in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Competition that Italy was champion over Brazil winning by 3x2 in the final.

"Italy has reached the final of three Mundialitos Football 7. The FIF7 World Cup is the evolution of the biggest international event of the sport. Rome has all the prerequisites for an event of this importance and we are sure it will be a success, "said Fabian Canaveris, president of FIF7.

"We want to thank Federico Rocca and Andrea Liguori for their support in Italy. They were instrumental in making this decision," completed Canaveris.

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