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Barcelona receives the F7 European Club Championship

Next Friday begins the Football 7 European Club Championship and there will be 18 teams in the fight for the title and for a place in the World Championship of Soccer Clubs 7 in Brazil. The competition is played at the CD Pujadas Sports Complex in the city of Barcelona (Spain) and ends on Sunday and the champions win a trip for 10 people to Brazil.

The games take place in the men's and women's categories bringing together teams from six countries


The teams are divided into 04 groups with 03 teams, playing each other. The best team in each group qualifies for the knockout phase directly. Teams that are in the second and third places will play one elimination game against teams from the other group to define the qualifiers.

In all winning games they earn 03 points. When the games end tied each team receives a point and the extra point is decided in the alternate shoot-out, with a charge for each team. The winner of the shoot-outs dispute is considered the winner of the match.

Tie breaker 1) direct confrontation, 2) better goal balance, 3) more goals scored, 4) fewer yellow cards, 5) lots Note: In case of a tie between three teams in the group stage the direct confrontation is disregarded.



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