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Brazil presents the headquarters of the Football 7 World Cup

The Football 7 World Cup will be held between 11 and 15 December in the city of Curitiba (Brazil). The competition will bring together 24 teams from 16 countries, including 16 men's teams and 08 women's teams. The main stars of the sport will be in the field. The event will feature live broadcast to all continents.

The event will be held within Positivo University, one of the largest educational institutions in the country and has a sports complex suitable to host the main international football 7 event. The main arena will be inside the university's multi-sport gymnasium and for the event will be installed the synthetic grass floor.

Before the World Cup, between the 8th and 10th of December will be played the Footbal 7 World Club Championship, with the participation of 32 teams from 16 countries.

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