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It's not the game. It's the people that really matter.

When it comes to creating a high-performance concept for an amateur sport, the structure of events, promotion, dissemination, exchange of knowledge, content and a sustainable format are key, but it is people who really matter. Among over one million anonymous people in the segment we chose 0.01%, that is, 100 heads with leadership profile, good intention and passion for the same modality, so that they can collaborate on and off the field.

We do everything to keep them within the segment, we make them public people, we make them bigger and more representative in the middle so that the message that really matters comes increasingly clear to every practicing community. Even because the high-performance sport does not only involve those who practice it, but who works, watches and consumes it as well.

By choosing the wrong people, we generate our own problems, for by believing they are great because of their own ability and success, we risk conspiring against each other to try to take ownership of a space that we do not really own. In this case we will have to start all over again and continue to search for people who share the same dreams and collective goals.

It is difficult to identify, persuade, and keep the right people in pursuit of their goals. They must understand that in sport or life individual success does not exist. It comes from the collective work and therefore we need to make the people around us bigger and bigger, because the success of our allies strengthens us. With this we will achieve the expected success.

The most difficult and the real challenge of leading leaders is to detect much earlier the transformation that will happen with each of those chosen when the time comes that they will really have the power in decision making.

There must be constant precautions so that the success of the people in the segment is an escalation to the construction of a collective benefit to all the others. For success do not lead them into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Hugo Loureiro CEO Football 7 World Author of the international football 7 development project

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