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Coritiba FC (Brazil) is the new champion of the League of the Americas

Coritiba FC (Brazil) was champion of the Americas League of Football 7. The team alvi-verde won the main continent 7 football title by beating another Brazilian team in the final, Corinthians. The big decision finished tied in 3x3 and in the alternate collection of shoot-outs Coritiba won the championship.

With the title the team alvi-verde was accredited for the competition of the Football 7 World Club Championship that takes place between the days 08 and 10 of December in Curitiba (Brazil). The achievement was much celebrated by the players and coaching staff.

The League of the Americas is the main competition of the modality in the continent and is disputed from 2014. The next edition will be disputed in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 2019.

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