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Brazilian athletes receive the best awards of the League of the Americas

The League of the Americas of Football 7 was held in São Paulo, the largest city in South America and brought together the main teams of South American football 7. The competition for the first time was disputed in five categories and had as champions in the masculine and feminine category, the teams of Coritiba (Brazil) and Figueirense / Paula Ramos (Brazil).

The Brazilian teams showed a high technical level and participated with players of the Brazilian football 7 team. In the men's category Dionata (Coritiba) was elected the best player of the championship for the second time. The player had already been elected the best player in 2017, when he won the title for Foz Fut7, while in the female category Marina Hoher (Figueirense / Paula Ramos) was elected by the International Football 7 Federation (FIF7) the best player of the championship. The athlete had already received in 2017 with the "Loco Martinez Award" for the most beautiful goal of the international football 7 of the season.

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