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MALTA. SFAL is the new sports league associated with FIF7

SFAL is a non-profit football organisation which caters for 7 aside football on the Island of Malta. SFAL is a friendly yet competitive league which has grown over the years since establishing in 2012. SFAL promotes diversity and Fair-play to all willing participants in an organised manner.

Through trial and error, SFAL has maturely grown over the years since its establishment and has popularized 7 aside football on the island. SFAL is a standard bearer for 7 aside competition in the men’s category. SFAL hopes to open up a women’s category down the line. With increase of teams wanting to compete, last season SFAL opened its doors to Division 2 and this year to Division 3.

Prior to the upcoming 2018/2019 season, SFAL finally became a proud member of the FIF7 and will be sending two of its teams as SFAL and Malta representatives to the first ever FIF7 European Club championship; current league champions Sunrise FC and guest team La Famiglia.

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