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MEXICO. Leonas FC wins FC Yunque and is national champion

In Mexico was held the grand final of the Super League Women's Football 7 and the event was a success. The game brought together the two best Mexican teams of the season. Leonas FC, who in May was continental champion to win the Central America Cup returned to shine on the field and won the national title.

In the decision the Leonas FC beat FC Yunque by 6x2 and confirmed that they live a great moment in the sport. In the dispute of third place Juventus won the Atletico Nacional by 4x0 and secured the bronze medal.

The main athletes of Mexico's women's football 7 team were in the field and the base of the national team that will be representing the country in the first edition of the Football 7 World Cup that takes place in December in Brazil.

The Leones FC will be the representatives of Mexico in the World Club Championship.

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