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SPAIN. The most important league of Barcelona is new associate of FIF7

The new member of the International Football 7 Federation (FIF7) is in Barcelona (Spain). The Futbol Zone has about 2800 athletes in various categories and ages and has an extensive calendar throughout the year to serve the community. Between the commanders the League is a woman, Ana Ortega, showing that there is more and more space for women on and off the playing field in international football.

The Futbol Zone allows sportsmen to practice football 7 even if they do not have their own team and offer athletes the opportunity to participate in friendly matches or competitions and to live an incredible experience through the sport.

The Liga that is the new one associated with exclusive in the region of Barcelona also assumed the responsibility to lead the Selection of Spain of Soccer 7 for international competitions.

Next September the teams of the League will be participating in the European Championship of Football Clubs 7, which will be held in Barcelona and will award the champions with a trip to the World Championship of Soccer Clubs 7 in Brazil in December.

Photo: Image courtesy of Futbol Zone.

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