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LEAGUE OF THE AMERICAS. More than 30 teams dispute the 2018 season

The League of the Americas is the main football competition 7 of the continent and brings together the elite of the most practiced sport in South America. The event brings together in São Paulo 33 teams in five categories and the games will be held between August 17 and 19 . Will be clubs from 06 countries in search of putting the name in history. The teams from North and Central America this year do not dispute the competition, given that the FIF7 created the Copa Centroamérica de Clubes, which this year was held in May in Mexico City.

In the adult male category are 12 clubs, while in the female category are 07 teams. In the first phase the teams are divided into groups, with the top two in each group qualifying for the knockout phase of the League of the Americas, while the other disqualified teams follow in parallel in the dispute of another title, the South American Cup of Clubs.

The groups and system of contention of the categories under11, under13 and under15 will be announced next August 08.


Male (Adult)

1) There are 03 groups with 04 teams, classifying the best two of each group for the knockout phase. 2) Americas League Final Round - Among the six qualifying teams, the two teams with the best technical score are ranked directly for the semifinals, while the other 04 teams play the quarterfinals. 3) South American Cup final phase - Among the 06 accredited teams, the two with the best technical index are classified directly for the semifinals, while the other 04 teams play the quarterfinals. 4) The winners of the quarterfinals of each championship are accredited for the semifinals and later final.


1) There are 2 groups, ranking the top two in each group for the semifinals. 2) The disqualified of the semifinals will dispute the final phase of the South American Cup.

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