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Football 7. Register your team at the F7 European Club Championship in Barcelona (Spain)

The International Football Federation 7 (FIF7) will hold the European Championship of Football Clubs 7 between 14 and 16 September in the city of Barcelona (Spain). The competition will be in the male and female categories (adults). The champions receive a prize for a trip to Brazil to compete in the World Cup 7 in December.

Any interested team can participate.


City: Barcelona (Spain)

Minimum number of 03 matches per team

Cost Per Participant

EUR 220,00 (until the 10th of August) EUR 250.00 (between 11 and 31 August)

1) Registration in the Championship 2) Hotel (September 14-16) 3) Breakfast 4) Internal transport (airport x hotel x airport) 5) Internal transport (hotel x arena x hotel)

Click here and download the file with all the information. Click here to see the official event page

FIF7 official website -

whatsapp number: +5541 9925 33779


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