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BRAZIL. World champion qualifies for the semifinals of Copa Sul in Brazil

In Brazil the Copa Sul de Futebol 7 had its first stage held last weekend and the eight best teams from the southern region of the country entered the field to fight for the title. After 14 games, of which 10 were broadcast live, the semifinalist teams were known to return to the field on August 26.

The current club world champion, Figueirense / Paula Ramos, who has great stars of the 7 international football was one of the classified among the four finalists of the competition. The other classified are Fenix FCS, Clube Anjo Dourado and União Ribeirão Futebol.

Next month the team of Figueirense / Paula Ramos will participate in the League of the Americas of Football 7, the most important competition of clubs of South America, in front of other great teams of the neighboring countries.

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