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BOLIVIA. La Barca is national champion and is looking for the League of the Americas

In Bolivia, Club La Barca was the national football 7 champion winning SC United in the grand finale. The final was a true celebration of national football 7, with the presence of a large audience and a beautiful spectacle provided by the teams. The champion invested heavily in the main competition of Bolivian football 7 and hired Mathias Cabrera, Uruguay's national team player.

The team showed a 7-level football and now will face the main 7 football clubs of the continent in Brazil, where will be held the League of Americas of Football 7. The top scorer of the league was Eduardo Castedo (Club SC United) and the best goalkeeper Juan Pablo Arteaga (Club La Barca).

The board of Football 7 Bolivia was very satisfied with the success at the end of the championship and already works for the next season, which will be decisive for the call of the selection that will dispute the first COPA of the WORLD of Soccer 7 in December in Brazil.

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