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CHILE. ANF7 is forming the country's children's teams for the League of Americas

The National Football 7 Association of Chile is forming a national delegation of children's categories (sub11, sub13 and sub15) to represent the country in the Football League of the Americas 7 to be held between August 17 and 19 in São Paulo participation of teams from all of South America.

The training is being done in La Araucana under the command of the coaches appointed by the ANF7. This is the third international competition that the ANF7 participates in the official calendar of the International Football Federation 7 (FIF7).

All young Chileans between 10 and 15 years old can participate in selective training to integrate the national team.

All the details Location: La Araucana, geronimo de alderete 2400, La Florida. Whatsapp: +56930307307

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