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BOLIVIA. The championship brings together 16 clubs and main players of the country

Bolivia constituted its national organization of football 7 and in the first organized competition in the country it reunites to 16 teams in search of the title. The event has the participation of big clubs of the modality and the main players of 7 soccer of the country, who defended to the national selection in the last American Glass of Soccer 7.

With an excellent structure and very motivated clubs with the possibility of participating in the League of the Americas, the main competition of clubs of the continent, the parties are being very disputed and has attracted a good audience for the clashes.

"Bolivia is a country that breathes football 7 and after the brilliant participation of the national team in the Copa America we were sure that the local tournament would be a success and that is what is happening. international is the beginning of the construction of something very big for them. The direction of Bolivian football 7 is very serious and competent, with all the effort they are doing the sport will grow even more in the country, "said Fabian Canaveris, president of the FIF7.

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