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Santiago (Chile) and Montevideo (Uruguay) will host international club competitions in 2019

The COPA SUDAMERICANA of the 2019 season will be held in the city of Santiago (Chile) in May. The match will take place only in the men's category, while the women's category will be held in Montevideo (Uruguay), which will also host the LEAGUE OF THE AMERICA´S in September.

The two competitions will reward the champions with trips to the Football 7 World Club Championship 2019 that will be held in Barcelona (Spain) in the month of November. The capitals of Chile and Uruguay won the competition with Buenos Aires (ARG) and Bogotá (COL).

"Montevideo is in the final phase of building one of the largest sports complexes in Latin America and is prepared to host one of the biggest international football 7 events, while Santiago has a large number of players in the sport and has everything needed to attend the The champions of both competitions will receive a prize trip to Barcelona (ESP) and this will certainly move the biggest teams in South America, "said Fabian Canaveris, president of FIF7.

COPA SUDAMERICANA (Clubs) Men's category - Santiago (Chile) - May / 2019 Women's category - Montevideo (Uruguay) - September / 2019

LEAGUE OF THE AMÉRICA´S (Clubs) Categories male, female, under11, under13, under15 Montevideo (Uruguay) - September / 2019

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