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European Champion in 2017 Russia confirms participation in the Football 7 World Cup

Russia is one of the greatest strengths of synthetic grass football in the world. The team won in 2017 the main competition of the Europe of National Teams, that is disputed in category 6x6. The strong national team of the country counts on stars of the reduced European football that will participate in Football 7 World Cup that will be realized between the days 11 and 16 of December in Brazil.

Russia are one of 16 contenders and next to Mexico's strong national team, 6x6 World Cup runner-up and Brazil host and defending champion of the Copa America, are already favorites for the world title.

"Russia has a record of important achievements in reduced football and organizes one of the biggest amateur sports leagues in the world. The presence of the country in the Football 7 World Cup will brighten the event even more and will certainly be a great attraction for this historic competition that will gather for the first time the 16 largest footballl 7 teams in the world, "said President Fabian Canaveris.

Photo: facebook playback

Note: The European competition of national teams (Mini Euro) is an event organized by World Mini Football (WMF).

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