CENTRO AMERICA CUP - Third round define the classifieds to the next phase in the men's category

fif7 footbal7 Photo: Guilherme Becker

The third round of the Centro America Cup marked the dispute for the classification for the next phase. After two full rounds some teams entered the court with the classification forwarded. However others needed to win and cheer for combinations to win the standings. Check out the result of the matches and teams and are still in contention for the title.

Real Colonial (GUA) 3 x 18 Piedrinis (MEX) Sidekicks (MEX) 3 x 1 Yunque FC (MEX) Galácticos (CRC) 0 x 10 Peluchochos (MEX) Huracan (GUA) 7 x 3 Seven Bogotá (COL) Warriors (MEX) 8 x 0 Presidente (MEX) Maeve (MEX) 5 x 2 Avengers (MEX)




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