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CENTRO AMERICA CUP - Check out the results of the second round in the men's category

fif7 football7 Photo: Guilherme Becker

After games with many goals in the debut of the competition the second round reserved exciting duels in the Centro America Cup. With an eye on qualifying for the next phase the teams entered the court in search of victory.

Check out how were the second-round matches:

FC Yunque (MEX) 9 x 2 Galácticos (CRC) Peluchochos (MEX) 1 x 6 Sidekicks (MEX) Avengers (MEX) 12 x 1 Real Colonial (GUA) Huracan (GUA) 9 x 2 Presidente (MEX) Warriors (MEX) 4 x 5 Seven Bogota (COL) Maeve (MEX) 4 x 7 Piedrinis (MEX)

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