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CENTRO AMERICA CUP - First round in the men's category has average high goals

fif7 football7 federation Photo: Guilherme Becker

Central America Cup started. New in the FIF7 calendar the competition brings together the main teams in the region with disputes in the women's and men's categories. After the women opened the competition in style last Thursday (24) it was the turn of the men to enter the court on Friday (25). With an average of 7.8 goals per game the first round had great matches.

In the first match of the day the current world champion Sidekicks (MEX) faced the Galacticos (CRC). The Mexican team dominated the game and had no trouble winning by 9 to 1. Then it was the turn of Yunque (MEX) win the first game in the competition. The team won the Peluchochos (MEX) by 4-0. Piedrinis (MEX) won the Avengers (MEX) 5-2.

In one of the most balanced matches of the round the Huracan (MEX) managed to win the Warrios by (MEX) 6 to 4. Seven Bogota (COL) also scored six goals and won the President (MEX) by 6-2. At the close of the round, Maeve (MEX) started the tournament well and thrashed the Real Colonial (GUA) 8-1.

The next round is still on Friday night (25).

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