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Central American Cup - Unpublished championship in the FIF7 calendar begins this Friday (25) for men

A new feature of the FIF7 2018 calendar, the Central American Cup of Football 7 promises to bring the main clubs of Central and North America together in a high-level competition in the men's and women's categories. In this first year, the chosen host country was Mexico, a power in the modality.

The women opened the disputes on Thursday night (24), today is the day the men started the search for the trophy. In the men's category 12 teams will be in contention: Galácticos (CRC), FC Yunque (MEX), Peluchochos Ferreira (MEX), Sidekicks (MEX), Huracan (GUA), Presidente FC FC (MEX), Piedrinis FC (MEX), Meave (MEX), Real Colonial (GUA) and Avengers (MEX).

The 12 men's teams were divided into three groups. After facing the key, the top two in each group plus the two best thirds advance to the quarterfinals. Check out the schedule:


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