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In Italy the world champion, Giancarlo Antognoni, visits the headquarters of Midland GS

Midland GS is one of the leading sports leagues in Italy and Europe. Throughout the season held sports competitions in various categories and football modalities. In the last week the League had the closing of another important competition in the calendar and the Gialappas Team won champion.

The company was also responsible for organizing the Firenze stage of the world event sponsored by Redbull and named after the star Neymar. The prestige of Midland is great along with the amateur teams, companies and also between great idols of the sport.

The firm of Firenze received the illustrious visit of Giancarlo Antognoni, world champion of soccer by the Italian selection in 1982.

Midland GS is licensed exclusively to the Federation Internationale de Football 7 in the Firenze region and accredits the Italian teams of the region for the European Championship of Clubs to be held in September in Barcelona (ESP).

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