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In Montevideo-URU is being built one of the largest sports complexes in South America

The Fut7 Uruguay League will host games of its competitions in one of the largest sports complexes in South America. The Carrasco Sports Center is located in one of the most noble regions of Montevideo, capital of the country and has a structure with 10 official football fields 7 The inauguration is still scheduled for the first half of 2018.

The complex will host competitions in all categories and will be the official home of Uruguayan football. The structure will enable the country to host competitions on the international calendar and the Uruguayan League is already a candidate to host the Football League of America 7 in 2019.

Among the 10 football fields 7 one will have the structure of a stadium of the modality that will allow the 7 football of Uruguay the television broadcast of competitions and this will be fundamental to elevate the sport to another level in the country.

"Football 7 is growing very much in terms of high income and Deportivo Carrasco will contribute a lot to the development of the sport, giving a new impetus to Uruguay 7 football. We are very pleased that this is the home of the modality in the country and also a possible venue for international events, "said Fabian Canaveris, president of FIF7.

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