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Trio of female Peruvian team stands out in Copa America; Mexico athlete was the top scorer

fif7 football7 federation/ Guilherme Becker

For the first time women's football won space in Copa America football 7. In this edition of the competition the countries were also represented by the women. After exciting contests Peru and Brazil decided the title and supported by the fans the Peruvian team won the title after winning 3-1.

After an unbeaten campaign and title achievement Peru still had the main highlights of the competition. Just like at the end of last season Enrique was elected the best coach of the tournament of selections. Annie who shone throughout the competition won the prize of best goalkeeper. But the great highlight of the Peruvian team was due to Peque who led the team to the title and was awarded the prize for best player. Mexico was represented by Elda Cervantes who was the leading scorer of the competition.

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