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Galician F7 Cup is an example of organization in european football 7

The Galicia F7 Cup offers its users a series of advantages and privileges, all designed to offer a better sporting experience. Javier Díaz, as Petit Rojo midfielder, team from the Vigo headquarters, has access to these exclusive offers and also uses them. He recently went to an Intersport Piñeiro store in Vigo to cash his 15% discount on sports equipment for being part of the Galicia F7 Cup, an offer he has been able to access without too much difficulty. "It's a simple and uncomplicated procedure," says Javier about the mechanics of operation for the exchange of services, a process that, with the arrival of personalized cards LA CAIXA - Galicia F7 Cup, has become easier. " It undoubtedly facilitates the process and takes away a lot of work from the organization, "he says.

To Javier Díaz, the offer of extra services to the competition seems something new to him since in no other league in which he has participated previously he had offered something similar. "Not that I remember," says the Red Petit midfielder. "It seems to me something that should be highlighted enormously since other leagues do not have this type of services so useful for players." In addition, not only gives importance to this offer exists but "I also value that the service offer is in different areas ranging from insurance to physiotherapy".

In general, the experience has been positive. "The attention was excellent by the companions of Intersport Piñeiro with whom I could also talk for a while about the Galicia F7 Cup and its good possibilities for the future." A future that you too can be a part of.

Info: Galicia F7 Cup (website)

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